By far the most popular carriage for weddings. This 4 wheeled carriage seats the driver up front and has seating area at the back for the bride and groom.

The carriage is painted white with burgundy velvet seating. The canopy lining is made of white satin with red roses on. The canopy is usually left down but can be lifted to an upright position which will cover the head area as far as the knees if you are seated.

One horse pulls the carriage. The harness is decorated with tassels, braiding and horse brasses as well as feathers on the horse's head.

A finely wrought combination of metal and wood, created to bring dreams to reality, the Cinderella Carriage.

Turn your special day into a fairy tale.

Our horses are what is called "bomb proof" trained horses. They work in any conditions and respond very well to command.

We do not require a Traffic Police escort, but if you feel that you would like to be escorted we have no objections.
Please arrange this directly with the Traffic Department in your area.